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When I lost my baby, my son Alexander, during labour at 41 weeks, the world collapsed beneath my feet and it was as if I had been thrown into a parallel Universe. My old pathway to motherhood, with all it’s naïvie, innocent joy and tears, was suddenly blocked forever and a new path, with a whacking great crevasse called grief in the middle of it, was now my only option. It was a deep, dark, lonely place full of sleepless nights and long days. The stretch marks, leaky boobs and jelly-like tummy that most mums complain about, I was desperate to hold onto as the only physical reminder of my son’s existence. How could I go on sleeping in that same room in the same house and yet how could I begin to pack away the baby clothes or fold away the borrowed crib? Well, I did, and it felt like I was packing away a significant part of myself along with them.

alex bump.jpg

And once I’d traversed that crevasse called grief, once I’d clambered out the other side, bruised and battered but alive I found myself living this ‘other life’. When I was able let go of the anger, the disbelief and the resentment, I realised that this new life could be one of even more beauty, joy and connection than my old life. I had been given the chance to re-prioritise and do things differently. And that’s what I did. I re-trained from Nurse to Personal Trainer so I could live what I loved, and started digging deeper into understanding how to create a healthier, happier life through the right nutrition, movement and mindful connection to all that was right in front of me.

And that’s what I want for you. Maybe you love being a mum but part of you thinks, ‘there must be more to life’. Or maybe you’ve just been so busy trying to balance all of the things, keeping everyone happy that you’ve allowed your own health and happiness to get left at the bottom of the washing pile.

You keep telling yourself that you will start eating better, join that fitness class, change career or start meditating when life gets easier. But life doesn’t get easier. Life IS life. The kids will always need loving, the school run will always need doing, the kitchen will always need cleaning, your work will always need doing. You feel guilty when you take time out for yourself, and you feel resentful when you don’t. You are beginning to realise that you must start to look after yourself more but you are just so overwhelmed by mum life that you don’t even know where to start, right?

Then we need to talk. I help mums overcome the overwhelm and create a healthier, happier life. We’ll streamline the tidal wave of health messages you’re receiving and turn them into simple, daily habits that are most important to YOU and your family.

Contact me below to book a call or head to my ‘work with me’ page to find out more.

My Angel baby, Alexander, taught me a deep humbleness and heartfelt gratitude. I’ve been lucky enough to have had two more healthy children since losing him and the one thing I always say to myself at the end of the day as I watch my sleeping children is, thank you, thank you for today.

Please don’t put this off any longer. You only get one life, you need to start living it.

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