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Join me for this one of a kind Virtual Valentine's day and show yourself, and the planet, some love
(*even if you hate Valentine's Day and the term 'self-love' makes you cringe).
Take some much needed time out to focus on the big stuff;
your health and wellbeing, and that of the planet.
£15 per ticket with 15% to TreeSisters
I will help you clear through the clutter of your mind and create a clear plan of action for how to live a healthier and more sustainable life.

By the end of the day you will;

  • Feel more energised, refreshed and excited about the future again.

  • Have a deeper understanding of what matters most to you in terms of health, wellbeing and sustainability.

  • Create a clear plan of action for at least one goal to focus on for the next month.

  • Develop a stronger sense of belief in yourself and your ability to take control of your wellbeing and really make a difference in the world.

We'll begin the day with a short wake-up workout (suitable for any fitness level) and intention setting session where I'll give you guidance on putting yourself at the centre of your day in a way that goes beyond taking a bath and doing your nails (20-30 mins).

We'll re-group in the late afternoon for a goal setting session to look at how you can make space to look after yourself, your family and the planet in a more sustainable way (approx 45-60 mins).


And finally, we'll end the day with a relaxation and reconnection session to leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the month ahead  (approx 20-30 mins).

Super special price of £15 (because I really think you deserve to take this time for yourself) with 15% of sales going to fundraising for Tree Sisters. 
That's over 5 tropical trees planted thanks to you.

"We envision a world in which it is normal for everyone to protect
and restore themselves and their world."
Click the link below for more info.
Limited spaces, book asap!
PS can't commit to every session? Don't worry. Each one will be done via ZOOM and while I'd love you to be there live if you can, I totally get that you're a mum, it's lockdown and it's the weekend SO both the workout and relaxation will be recorded and sent to you after the event.
To get the most out of the goal-setting session however, you'll need to join live, although you can participate with the group as much or as little as you like (introverts and shattered mums welcome).
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