Are you just so bored of having the same old dinners because you've not time or energy to think of something else?


Or maybe you're after some simple lunch ideas that'll help you avoid the afternoon energy crash?

Perhaps you just need some healthy snack suggestions to get you through those moments of crisis when the biscuit cupboard seems to be calling your name?

If you're in need of more energy and ideas for healthy food for you and the family, then add your name and email below to claim your free 5 day Energise Meal Plan for busy mums. Complete with 15 recipes to inspire you and make life a little easier, the meal plan is will stop you feeling the need to reach for quick carb & sugar snacks throughout the day.

Healthy Food

PLUS. Not sure where to start when it comes to getting stronger again after having your kids? Then click here to download your free '5 FOUNDATION MOVES FOR MAMAS' printable. 5 essential moves to help you regain core strength, improve your posture and cope with the physical challenges of being a mum.

Great! Now let's get to know each other. Head on over to Heather's Health Hub, a free FB group for mums wanting inspiration and support to live their BEST life with ease. With loads of home workouts, ideas around changing your food habits, self-care essentials, challenges, retreats and much more.

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