The final chapter. Will you choose the BEST life?

Hoorah, Suzy is still taking the woodland path with her friend!

She stayed because she KNOWS that actually, when the going gets tough – and it will, over and over and over again – that’s when she needs her energy the most. When her kids get sick, her work gets stressful, her husband books a boy's weekend, when her in laws come to visit, when her body starts to ache, when the school holidays come and then when the school term starts again, when she feels like tearing her hair out - that’s exactly when she needs her body and brain to function at their best!

THAT’s when she needs to keep up the habit of taking time out and looking after for herself the most.

So Suzy pauses in a forest glade. She’s still exhausted from the sick kids, still frustrated that her partner just doesn't get it, she’s still stressed with work but Suzy still gets to bed early. She still makes time for a little exercise, a bit of a walk or some stretches. She still makes healthier food choices even though she doesn’t have the time right now for ‘proper cooking’. In other words, she still makes space for HER health and happiness amidst the chaos of the present moment.

And then she gets up, looks around, finds her friend and carries on walking the woodland path.

Now YOU have the same choice as Suzy.

You get to decide for yourself if you want to;

A) Return to chapter one and continue living your treadmill life. Same old same old, day in day out. Fleeting moments of fun and laughter passing you by in a blur of busy-ness. OR

B) Close the book on stressed out, overwhelmed, under-cared for mama, and start living your BEST life. One with more Balance, Energy, Strength and Time. Let me take your hand and show you how.

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Health & Happiness

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