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Can I run with diastasis or pelvic floor problems?

September 28, 2019

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Chapter 2: Feeling overwhelmed?


Phewf! Thank goodness for that. I am SO glad you let Suzy take the woodland path into the unknown!


The trouble is Suzy’s still feeling overwhelmed. She stepped off the treadmill where – ok, life wasn’t great but at least she knew what she was doing every day. She knew HOW to cajole the kids out of the house in the morning because she was never on time, and HOW to make time for herself by bingeing on boxsets.  She knew HOW to fend her husband off by going to bed before him.


Suzy’s already regretting her choice to take the unknown path.“I don’t have the time or energy for anything new! I am just about keeping my feet on the ground as it is. My body is just a bit broken. I'll look after myself more when the kids are a bit older.”


Then a friend comes by and says, "Hey Suzy, will you just chill the flip out? You’ve been looking after everyone else in your life for so long that you've forgotten how to look after yourself. Come on, lets take this route together."