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Can I run with diastasis or pelvic floor problems?

September 28, 2019

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Chapter 1:Ever fallen off a treadmill?

Meet Suzy. She’s a mum of 3. Suzy works part time in a job that she finds kind of boring but it’s easy – and easy is what she needs right now. It’s 6pm and Suzy is T-I-R-E-D! She’s already thinking about the bottle of pinot in the fridge and she’s sure there’s some chocolate hidden somewhere in the kitchen for emergencies like this. Because she’s just had ‘one of those days’. Although, it seems increasingly like every day is becoming 'just one of those days'.


Every evening when Suzy finally turns off Netflix and falls into bed she makes some promises to herself, " Tomorrow I’ll make sure I spend more time with the kids and try not to get so angry with them. I'll switch the telly off in the evening and have a proper chat over dinner with my husband. And I’ll get up early and do some yoga, my back is killing me at the moment."


But does she do it? Of course not.


Because Suzy has been taken over by to-do lists. She’s engulfed with guilt and swamped by stuff – stuff to do, stuff to tidy, stuff to plan, stuf