COVID UPDATE: I am pleased to say that all classes and personal training sessions are continuing online using the magic of ZOOM.

You can also do personal training outdoors, immersed in nature.

Are you ready to

reclaim some time for yourself and

feel more in control of your health & happiness?

Then you're in the right place.




Hi, I'm Heather. Welcome. As mums we can easily find ourselves putting everyone else's needs before our own. But I'm here to help you change that and begin to create a life full of health and happiness.


This is not about counting calories or creating unrealistic fitness goals. I believe we need to learn to slow things down, re-think our priorities and make space for what's really important.

"But I don't have time".

I hear this, a lot. But guess what. You will never have time for yourself if you don't make time for yourself So stop waiting for the perfect moment to put YOU back on the to do list and take that first step now.


Perhaps you're a new mum who wants to;

  • start healing that leaky pelvic floor and diastasis, and feel confident in your body again.

  • carve out some time for you and begin feeling more like yourself again.

  • curb those sugar/carb cravings and find easy ways to eat more healthily.

Or maybe your kids are older now and you desperately want to

  • start feeling fitter and healthier again

  • build a stronger core and get back to doing the activities you always loved

  • enjoy a healthier relationship with food.

Whatever your goal, I will help to simplify the steps you need to take to achieve it, and create long term healthy habits for life.

So whether you read my blog or newsletter, join my Facebook community, work with me in person or online, I hope to inspire you to start doing things differently. To start making small changes every day that allow you to feel more like you again.


Work with me

I am all about inspiring busy mums to live well, eat well and move more through realistic health and fitness programmes that help make you stronger, inside and out.  Are you ...

fed up of running on empty and desperate to re-gain some energy?


ready to make some space in your day to focus on YOUR health and wellbeing?

keen to re-build your core strength after having your baby (no matter how long ago that was)?


...if so, you've come to the right place.



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What People Say

Heather is an inspirational woman who knows all about the physical, mental and emotional demands that come with pregnancy and motherhood. I thoroughly recommend her classes. read more 

I felt better from the first week and this gave me the motivation to keep up the exercise between sessions.

I am feeling stronger and more self motivated than I have in years.







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