COVID UPDATE: I am pleased to say that all classes and personal training are continuing online using the magic of ZOOM. I can also now do personal training and small group fitness outdoors.

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Are you ready to

get fitter and stronger,

feel more in control of your health & happiness,

learn to slow down & enjoy life more?

Then you're in the right place for holistic fitness programmes designed especially for busy mums.

"But I don't have time".

I hear this, a lot. And guess what? I don't have time either. But that's the exact reason that you need to put YOURSELF back on the 'to-do-list' right away.

I'm just an ordinary mum, juggling 'all of the things' and along the way I've learned to let go of the need to keep everyone happy. 


I've learned to live more  mindfully, with more flow and as a result, I'm getting stronger every day, inside and out. And as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach, I just love supporting other mums to to do the same.

So whether you read my blog or newsletter, join my Facebook community, work with me in person or online, I hope to inspire you to start doing things differently. To start making small changes every day that allow you to feel more like you again.

Get in touch now to book your free 15 minute consultation and find out exactly how I can help you.

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Contact me to ask a question or to book your FREE 15 minute consultation to find how I can help you.


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