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feel more in control,

learn to love your life more?

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"But I don't have time".

I hear this, a lot. And guess what? I don't have time either. But I need you to put YOU back on the to-do-list. This starts with realising how important you are and begin looking after yourself. Take time out from the family to meditate, read, exercise, walk in the countryside or whatever it is that you need to re-charge your batteries.

I'm just an ordinary mum, juggling 'all of the things', but along the way I've learned to let go of the need to keep everyone happy, the need to control every detail of my day. I've learned to live more  mindfully, with more flow and as a result, I'm getting stronger every day, inside and out. 


So whether you read my blog or newsletter, join my Facebook community, work with me in person or online, I hope to inspire you to start doing things differently. Start making small changes every day that allow you to feel more like you again.


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