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How to live the B.E.S.T version of your life

with more Balance, Energy, Strength & Time

(even though you often feel overwhelmed with mum-life

and trying to keep everyone happy).

Join us for this 8 week health and fitness programme for busy mums who want to

 ditch the overwhelm, get stronger inside and out, and begin to live their BEST life.


Don't waste your time reading this if you aren't feeling ready to change things up. If you're waiting for life to 'get a little easier' before you start looking after yourself more, then this is not for you.

BUT if you are ready to take action because:


you are totally fed up with taking on all of life's worries and ignoring your own ... 

you desperately want to step off the energy roller coaster and begin to get fitter, stronger and healthier ...

you have had enough of feeling like life, and the monkey bars, are slipping through your fingers ...

 ... and you're ready to push back against the society that makes you  believe that you only matter

if you're always busy ...

then this IS for you.

In just 8 weeks you will have more;

BALANCE - so you feel happier and more content because your needs are being met too.

ENERGY - so you can get through your day with more laughter, fun and connection.

STRENGTH - so you can keep up with the kids and feel stronger, physically and emotionally.

TIME - so you can do more of what's really important to you (and less of what's not).

Heather is an inspirational woman who knows all about the physical, mental and emotional demands that come with ... motherhood."


Can you imagine waking up in the morning looking forward to the day ahead? Feeling like you've got the energy and impetus to not just get through the day but actually enjoy it? To have some playful, fun moments with the kids (and maybe even your partner). To be more on top of the stuff that really needs to be done and be able to let go of the rest? 

"Spent the day at work looking forward to workout 2, and what a lovely way to finish off the day

feeling a sense of achievement. Thanks Heather!"

You see, the problem isn't that you don't have enough time in your day. If you had an extra 2 hourswould you honestly spend them on exercise, prepping healthy meals and meditation? No, you'd do more housework, more scrolling, more planning etc. So TIME isn't the real issue, PRIORITIES are.

But that's all going to change!

"Heathers health and fitness coaching is an absolute game changer.

It helped me get off the sugar roller coaster and gain more control of my life.

Heather is lovely to work with and all her advice is accessible and down to earth.

This is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time!"

I will take your hand and guide you through this 8 week, 4 step programme to create more Balance, Energy, Strength and Time so you can begin to live the BEST version of your life, whatever that means to YOU.

"Heather is lovely and puts you at ease. She is very knowledgable about how to improve health, core strength and wellbeing for the busy mother. Would recommend to anyone."

Dany, mother of 3, Midwife and Hypnobirthing teacher.

You will get:

  • A sisterhood of other mothers to share your highs and lows with and to help you  stay connected, feel supported and keep accountable to your new BEST life promises. This is done via a private Facebook group.

  • video workouts and group personal training via the FB group. Each workout is under 20 minutes, can be done at home with minimal equipment and we will progress throughout the weeks to keep you getting fitter and stronger. PLUS a bonus Core strength workout to help you build a better belly, back and pelvic floor.

"(Heather) gives lots of encouragement and practical tips during the week via the great online videos she posts. The videos are like having a personal trainer as you can watch and complete all the exercises at home in your own time. The whole family can join in too! Most of all she genuinely cares about the wellbeing of everyone in her class."​

  • Mindful Food coaching to help you transition from eating on the run, carb cravings and energy crashes to easily choosing healthier foods that you know are going to fuel your body well for the day ahead.

"Wow, what a difference 3 weeks has made! I am eating the right food, snacking less. I have more energy and I’ve also lost weight (bonus!). Heather is non judgemental ... and has great knowledge about how mood and emotion impact on eating and many more things

that come along with motherhood".

  • Weekly emails with journalling questions and mindset homework designed to help you dig deep and uncover what's really holding you back from living the BEST version of your life.

  • Weekly live group coaching calls from me to answer your questions and help you overcome life's hurdles

The first 3 people  to sign up will receive a FREE 20 minute discovery call with professional organiser and life style mentor Martha Locke of Creating Space with Me to help you gain some clarity on your relationship with your home and clutter.

The first 3 to sign up will also receive a FREE 20 minute Soul-Coaching call with Sonia of Find your Freedom, to help you uncover your mental barriers and find more freedom within the context of Motherhood.

​For all;

A FREE deliciously 'healthy gut' recipe and group Q&A tutorial with Nutritional Therapist, Anna of Goodness Me Nutrition,

and creator of the 7 day Gut Reset.

A FREE audio relaxation track from Zofie of Relax Me Happy, to help you unwind and create some much needed head space.


A meal planning video tutorial, meal plan template and 8 delicious family recipes from Sarah at Kitchin Titbits, along with a live Q&A about how to make meal times with kids less stressful!

OH MY GOSH, what amazing bonuses, all available to you over the course of the 8 week BEST life programme, and of course all materials will be yours for life.

So are you ready to start feeling

healthier, happier, stronger?

PLUS check out these amazing bonuses!

Sign up to your BEST life today and come away feeling stronger, more connected and better able to take on all that mum-life has to throw at you. Starts Autumn 2019.

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