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Give your health and happiness a kickstart in the New Year with

BEST life. 

An 8 week online

fitness & wellbeing


for busy mums.

Starts January 2020


You're about to create more ...


so you can be fully present with your kids because your needs are being met too.


so you can stop living in a fog of overwhelm, start to have more fun and feel more like yourself again.


 so you can keep up with the kids, feel stronger physically and emotionally, and become the mum you really want to be.


so you can stop feeling like you're just spinning plates and instead start living with purpose.

Do you ever feel anxious that you’re not ‘making the most of motherhood’?

Watching your kids grow up is the most incredible and the most terrifying thing ever. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of wishing the stressful or boring hours away and then feel guilty about not ‘making the most’ of being a mum.

Maybe you keep yourself so busy that you barely have time to really feel or think about much at all and you fear that if you pause and take a breath, you’ll realise that your life isn’t exactly going to plan.

Perhaps deep down you’re unhappy with the fact that your body doesn't look, feel or 'act' like it used to and this impacts on your confidence and your intimacy.

In fact, your relationship with your partner often feels like it’s just ticking along, and a little part of you worries that, if it weren’t for the kids, you may not even be together any more.

I see and hear this all the time.

You sometimes feel like a failure, and you feel bad about the fact that you have all the keys to happiness right in front of you; house, kids, family etc and yet …. Something is missing.

And I know what that missing piece is.

The missing piece is YOU.

You exert so much energy trying to keep everyone happy, that there’s no energy left for you.

You spend so much time being ‘busy’ that there’s no time left for YOU.

You’re trying so darned hard to do your best as a mother, partner, colleague, boss,

that you’re missing out on your own life!

"Heather is an inspirational woman who knows all about the physical, mental and emotional demands that come with motherhood."

If these sound familiar, you're in the right place ...

You want to get fitter, healthier, happier but you just don’t know where to start.

There are so many options, opportunities and differing views when it comes to exercise and healthy eating, but it’s all too much to think about right now. You're simply overwhelmed.

You feel like you've 'let things slide' since having kids and sometimes you barely recognise yourself any more. You feel like a failure.

You’ve tried it all before.

You’ve done classes, home workouts, gone to bed early, tried meal planning, meditation, fasting, etc etc but as soon as something happens, like your child gets sick or you go on holiday, you’re right back to square one.

You’re a master procrastinator.

You know that  exercise, eating healthier and taking time out will give you more energy, help you be less grumpy with everyone and yet you can find a million reasons not to spend time on yourself. 

You feel guilty when you spend time or money on yourself, and resentful when you don’t.

And it’s easier to feel resentful and blame your busy life for the fact that you don’t invest in yourself, than it is to accept responsibility and actually do something about how rubbish you're feeling.

You know you want more out of life and that you can be living with more purpose but you've lost all sense of meaning.



Imagine waking up in the morning looking forward to the day ahead, feeling like you've got the energy to not just get through the day but actually enjoy it. To have a plan of action and support from others.

"I've definitely found that some very small changes and small tweaks in mindset

have made the biggest difference to me.​"

You see, the problem isn't that you don't have enough time in your day. The real problem is that you've lost sight of what really matters. You're so weighed down by the day to day of normal life that you no longer know how it feels to be in the driving seat.

" I enjoy the food and workouts but it's also all about the mental health and balance!"

"​I felt more like my old pre baby self, always up for a giggle. Feared I'd seen the last of her..."

BEST life is about creating more Balance, Energy, Strength and Time through community and coaching, accountability and support. When you join us, you won’t have to THINK  or WORRY or QUESTION what to do. I will take the weight off your shoulders and guide you through the steps week by week. With coaching, workouts and ‘homework’ from me, follow the plan, trust in the process and immerse yourself in a new possibility for a different future.

"After a morning of dealing with tantrums and two children unable to get on without fighting, I decided we'd pop to the park for a run around in between showers. We got caught out in a heavy downpour without jackets. Before embarking on this programme, I'm pretty sure I would have cried at this point as the day went from bad to worse, instead this afternoon I laughed and laughed,

now feeling invigorated and refreshed!


Ready to let go of the worries you have for the future and start changing your present day?

Ready to stop letting fear and procrastination and excuses hold you back from feeling great?

Ready to create a more meaningful, happy, healthy life for you and your family?


  • Weekly workouts no longer than 20 minutes for you to complete at home, no special equipment or experience necessary.

  • Weekly group coaching calls for us to uncover your sticking points and how to overcome them.

  • Community support and accountability in the private FB group.

  • Weekly homework focussing on an aspect of healthy eating and making more ‘me time’.

Lifetime access

Starts January …. 2020


Nutritionist and Gut Health Specialist, Anna Mapson of Goodness Me Nutrition.

Mindset & Mental Health coach, Sonia Keats, of Find your Freedom.

Meal Planning Expert, Sarah Alder, of Kitchen Titbits.



Why not upgrade to the VIP accelerator programme?

Four 1:1 coaching calls to get a deeper understanding of your self-sabotaging behaviour and what to do about.

Four follow up emails with a detailed action plan to help you overcome your hurdles and push past your barriers.

Email access to me throughout the 8 weeks to answer your personal questions as they arise.

Make lasting change happen quicker. Reveal your own hidden blocks and how to overcome them. Begin living a more meaningful life with purpose and clarity.

Upgrade for £397

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