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Resolutions smesolutions (do this instead)

I'm writing this towards the end of January 2022. Normally by now I'd have started my journal, planned out my next 6 months of business and made some personal health goals - at the very least.

This year, I've not even planned what's for dinner. I've not set any goals, not made any resolutions, and as for a 'word of the year', 'survival' springs to mind.

Even if the last two years for you haven't contained any major life events like losing a job, or a loved one; gaining a pet or a baby (ahem), or getting a new haircut, 2020/21 have certainly thrown us all a mahoosive, unpredictable, 'unprecendented' curve ball - the like we've never known.

So goals, resolutions, intentions - seem rather pointless. Or worse.

To mak plans during turbulent times feels like setting yourself up for disappointment.

But with that comes a kind of freedom. Instead of making plans, we're being encouraged to live in the moment. To take each day as it comes and appreciate the here and now. So this year, rather than setting goals, rather than planning and overthinking and wondering, I'm just ... living.

Of course that doesn't mean I've not booked a holiday (North Devon, June, with the extended family), it just means I'm enjoying today.

Notice I said enjoying ... not enduring. January can feel like a slog. Like you've just got to get through the grey days and cling on to the thought of your glass of wine and BBC drama each evening. But if the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that life is precious. Even for me, with a baby with reflux who wants to be held almost 24/7, I'm practicing staying present and looking for the good stuff. It's a work in progress but there's a kind of freedom in it.

So forget the lofty goals and hopeful plans. Or at least keep them in mind as maybes. And instead, just stay with today. And if today feels rubbish, you get to start again tomorrow (and appreciate that glass of wine all the more).

Wishing you health and happinesss for 2022.


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