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Do you wish you could find a fun, friendly fitness class

that meets you exactly where you're at right now?


Core Strength Classes are held in an online Monthly Membership which is all about rebuilding your body and core, regaining some energy and feeling more like you again, no matter how long ago you had a baby.

"I am so much stronger and really feel like I have turned a corner with my fitness since your lovely class.

I feel more like I CAN do things, rather than I can't."

(Mum and Core Strength member)

Here's what you get:

  • A weekly LIVE fitness class to help you get stronger, build consistency and create long term habits that will help future-proof your core.

  • My eyes on you during the class so I can assess & tweak your form to maximise your training and help you avoid injury. 

  • Video recording of all classes so even when life gets in the way, you never have to miss a class, plus you can repeat it as often as you like.

  • Class comaraderie with other mums on a similar health & wellness journey.


  • Your health & fitness questions answered in our monthly live group call. I'll do the research so you don't have to.

  • Core strength tutorials to help you develop a deeper understanding of how it all works.

  • More confidence in your body's abililty to do it's job PLUS you get to show your family that taking time out and exercise are non-negotiables, even for mums.

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No matter where you are in your motherhood journey, from 6 months to 6 years or more, 

this membership will help you to;

*get stronger

*have more energy to hang out with your kids

*learn how to eat for better health & energy

*help you heal that diastasis, improve low back pain and not worry about peeing when you run (or just cough)

*develop movement & posture habits that will keep your core working better for life

WHEN: Wednesday evenings, 7.45pm.


Did I mention the bonuses?  As well as the weekly class you also get;

  • Monday-Friday support from me via the private FB group

  • Monthly 'ask me anything' group calls.

  • Video tutorials and other info to help improve your posture, breathing, habits, nutrition and more for a stronger core.

  • Reduced price 1:1 coaching.

  • Class recordings to help you make a regular habit and get more exercise without wasting time scrolling Youtube for just the right video.

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Do I need to have any strength training experience or already be quite fit?

No absolutely not. I'll teach you all you need to know, whatever fitness or experience level you're at, and I think you'll love it! I can tailor the moves to meet your needs working with beginners and more advanced exercisers.

Is there any cardio involved?

In some classes, I'll bring an element of cardio called HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training. This is a great way to boost your heart health, mood and your metabolism, all in a core safe way, but you can still opt for a lower intensity version if you prefer.

My kids are grown up now, is this still for me?

Whether your 'baby' is 6 weeks, 6 years or 16, you may well still need to build a stronger core. In fact, as we get older, other hormones come in to play that have potential to negatively impact our pelvic floor and other muscles so YES this membership is definitely for you! Plus resistance training is key for bone health, another issue we women need to think about as we get older.

I just had a baby, is this for me?

As long as you've had the ok from your GP to begin exercising again and you feel well in yourself, then yes, this membership is absolutely for you. I will ask that you take a lot of what I teach much more slowly to begin with but I'll explain all of that in each class. 

Do I need any special equipment?

Nope! You need a soft floor to work on (carpet or yoga mat), and occasionally I'll ask you to use something you have at home like a cushion, step or bottle of water. However, if you want to up your game I recommend getting some small hand weights and/or a resistance bands as you get stronger.

Will the membership help cure my diastasis, low back pain or leaky pelvic floor?

Yes but only if you put in the work. Attending a class once a week is a great start but for you to really make improvements, you need to work your way through the tutorials and put in practice what you learn there.

Can everyone else in the ZOOM class see me?

Only if you switch your camera on and even then, the class is on 'speaker view' so your video will appear tiny on their screen as I talk our way through the class. It's helpful to have your video on so I can assess how you're performing the exercises and help you tweak your posture if need be, but it's totally up to you. PLUS the recording I make is 100% only of me.

Can I cancel my membership?

Of course! You can cancel or pause your membership at any time by heading to the membership page using the loginDETAILS  you create when you sign up. All I ask is that you give as much notice as possible so I can fill your spot.

If you've any other questions, feel free to email me using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Otherise, click the link below to sign up.

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