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3 things about health that I learned from my husband (shhhh, don't tell him I said this)

PS this is NOT my husband but he made you smile right?

Now, anyone who knows my husband (a pizza loving, whisky drinking, TV watchin' kind of fella) would be surprised that he has anything to teach me (an ex-nurse turned holistic health and fitness loving kinda gal) about health, but life's best lessons come from the most mysterious places so here it is;

PS this picture is NOT my husband but he made you smile right?

1) PUT YOURSELF FIRST. One of my husband's favourite sayings when I'm asking him to get his lazy butt off the sofa and tidy the kitchen is inspired by the airline safety notice, "Please remember to put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others". For him that mmanifests in a number of (undesirable to me) ways. So this I plan to do the same (well, figuratively speaking) by scheduling in time for myself (no screens allowed btw) getting to bed early and indulging in a favourite past time, indulging in the pricey culinary delights of local health food shops, to improve my gut health.

2) CONGRATULATE YOURSELF ON A WORKOUT WELL DONE. My husband and I are polar opposites, he the extrovert and me the introvert and whenever he finishes a workout, he makes everyone check out his muscles, does a bit of general roaring and , "Yeah I feel good" type stuff, then takes himself off upstairs to shower and presumably, admire himself in the mirror. Ok so that's definitely not my style but I could do with a bit of a self 'WOOP WOOP' when I finish a workout, couldn't you? After all, that's partly what people pay ME for as their fitness mentor!

3) 'KISS' well he is always overly affectionate in my opinion but I'm talking about KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID! Especially in terms of food(though the husband does like to keep life simple too and that mostly means going back to number 1) in this list). When it comes to meals, being the chief cook I frankly get bored of making the same thing over and over so I regularly default to making fancy recipes that take ages of prep time and in the end nobody eats them because they all prefer omelette and (home made) chips anyway! So my weekly meal plan now only includes one new recipe a fortnight (that's pretty tough for me). Plus everyone's favourite, the 'Hobbit lunch' (basically bits of raw veg, cheeses, bread, nuts boiled eggs, salad, chopped apple and any other fridge-flotsam) is a more regular feature!

So, there you have it! I hope, if you're not already putting some of these principles into practice, you do now.

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