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Part 3 ... YAY you chose the Red Pill!

This is the final in a 3 part blog series on making healthier choices the right way. If you've not yet read parts 1 and 2, please start here...

WOW so you've realised that doing the same as you've always done will give you the same as you've always got. And you don't want the same. You don't want tired, fed up, feeling like your life is whizzing past, your kids are growing too fast. Trying desperately to 'make the most of it' and 'enjoy every moment' but in doing so, you end up creating more stress and angst and guilt and AAAARGGGHHHH! How does it end?

Well. In choosing the Red Pill you can take my hand and step into a new way of seeing things. A slower, more connected, sensual way of living that allows you to begin to enjoy your life more, feel more ‘in control’ without being so controlling. As a mentor I’m not here to tell you how to live, what to eat, what exercise to do. Instead I invite you to find the soul solutions to your own problems, the ones that come from deep down, within. The whisperings you’ve had but never given credence to because you’re always looking outside of yourself to find the Golden Ticket to health and happiness. As I’ve said many times before, you may be your own worst enemy but you could become your own best friend.

You might yet be saying something like, I’m interested in hearing more but the time’s not right, work is too busy or the kids are too young. I don't have the time, energy, mental capacity! And yet that’s exactly WHY you need to begin doing things differently today, not next week, not in the summer or when the kids start school, NOW.

So what does taking the Red Pill actually mean?

It means joining me on a New Year retreat, in a Facebook group near you, absolutely free. Just five days to come together with other like minded mamas to support eachother in finding your own solutions to your life issues with guidance from me.

With daily journal questions and mini challenges to get you going deeper & starting to understand;

WHAT change you really want (not what you think you should want),

WHY that would mean so much to you and

HOW you can begin to make that happen. All in the comfort of your living room ie via Facebook.

If you're ready for something different, for finding new answers to old problems and the best way to slow life down and start enjoying it more, send me an email or PM me on Facebook to join the club!

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