Are you a secret rebel parent?

Do you have certain values that you hold so strongly that no one could knock you off your soap box? Not the big stuff like politics and the environment. More the mum stuff like education, feeding practices, sleep practices, screen time, how you talk about food, etc etc The things that have led to you making certain changes and 'sacrifices' in your own life because they're so important to you.

Like not getting enough sleep yourself because you breast fed beyond the first 6 months (tick), or rejecting the notion that you have to be a mum OR a business/career woman so you did both (tick), or bucking the education trend and home or flexi schooling (tick).

And although you've bucked the trends because your moral compass points you in a different direction from most of society - have you ever noticed how the compass rarely points to you? To your health and wellbeing?

Even though deep down you feel a little resentful that all the work you put in goes relatively unnoticed, you feel, 'well it doesn't matter really as I know I'm doing what's right', right?

And YET! Deep down you know that if you just had a bit more sleep, some time out to yourself, a routine that allowed you to exercise, some more help from your partner - actually, all those other areas of your life that are so important to you would run much more smoothly. You'd be less irritable at the end of the day. You'd be able to stay more focussed with your work and spend less time at the weekends catching up with yourself. You'd be able to be more present with your kids. you'd laugh more.

Well mama. I think you're amazing. You've gone against the norm because the norm isn't good enough for you and your kids. You have a strong moral compass so USE THAT and buck the trend that mothers sacrifice their own health and wellbeing at the behest of everyone else's! Buck the trend that mothers cook and clean and say, 'in a minute' and 'I'll have my dinner later' and instead. PUT YOURSELF FIRST!

Show your kids just how amazing women and mothers are NOT because they look after everyone else so well but never themselves, but because they are strong enough to stand up to the pressures everyone puts on them by looking after themselves first. Get up and do your workout or have your breakfast before you make the kids theirs. Sit down and have your cuppa while reading your magazine and don't allow anyone to draw you away from it till you've finished. Book that class or weekend away without asking permission just because you didn't actually go out and earn the money to pay for it.

I KNOW that's not easy. Bucking trends never is but you're an expert at it! Believe in your power, I do.

Join me in Heather's Health Hub for conversation, community and clarity around changing things up

Health ad Happiness,

Heatherand pointing the compass back to you.

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