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This is how to end your year STRONG and start 2020 the right way.

Getting healthier doesn't start with squeezing in more squats or knocking back a kale and avo smoothie. It starts with YOU!

So you want to get healthier, fitter? In its nearly Christmas and so far, you've not managed to maintain the promise to yourself that you'll eat less crap and do more exercise. If anything, things have got worse. But now's not the time to start right? Wait till the New Year and begin again.

WROOOONG! SO wrong. Now is always the time to start but now is NOT the time to try and get more done. To add 'work out' and 'eat more veg' to your to-do-list. Now is the time to MAKE SPACE for all that shizzle.

Now is the time to look at your diary and say, huh. Do I really need to be doing all of that? Chance are, you don't So ditch it or delegate it. All those party invites and school events. Ditch 'em or delegate them (your partner probably had some holiday to use up so sort it out).

All those home projects you wanted to get done. Ditch 'em or delegate.

All those work plans and goals you had for the year, ditch 'em or delegate!

Simple as that. Because 2020 HAS to be the year where you put YOU back on the to do list. 2020 is YOUR YEAR MAMA! So get prepared. Make space. Ditch and delegate. And if you want to start creating some space on a Wednesday night then join me for the Core Strength for Mums class and get your squats-on! No more excuses. Book here and End your 2019 STRONG!!!

PS I know I started this blog with telling you you don't need to squeeze in more squats then ended with telling you to come to my strength class and that doesn't make sense, but sometimes, you've just got to force the issue. When you come to the class, you'll have to have delegated bed time and the washing up to someone else. Happy days!

PPS join me in @heather's Health Hub

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