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Covid Chaos, thriving not surviving Part 1: Homeschool days.

Oh boy. There is so much I could write about these tumultuous times. But I won't because you'll have read it all before, every time you check your phone which is more now than ever. So instead I want to share something practical as it occurred to me that many of the women I work with struggle to look after their own health and wellbeing even in normal times because they simply don't have a plan for it. They have a plan for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g else like what groups their kids go to, what to get for their mother-in-law's birthday and what washing needs to be done, but they don't actually have a plan for the most important things - fitness, nutrition, time alone, time doing what they love, sleep!

So, with the big C spreading throughout the world and Britain possibly on the brink of lock-down - I know we're all slightly terrified of how we'll cope with the kids at home over the next few weeks with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Well, I've been homeschooling my 6 (and 3) year old(s) 2 days a week for the past 18 months and while that's nothing compared to what we're all now facing, it has taught me a few things.

To not attempt too much in a day.

To ALWAYS go with the flow.

But to first set up some 'guidelines' and expectations (and avoid the word 'rules') first.

To have a loose plan – and that’s what we have below.

To get outside every day for as long as possible (partly for your mental health and partly to avoid total destruction of your home).

To get them to tidy as you go and not leave it all for the end of the day.

So here’s my rough plan of homeschool in case you’d like to follow something similar. And in part 2 of this blog there will be YOUR plan for YOUR health & happiness that fits nicely with this daily schedule.

The idea is that you create a list for each activity below according to your own kids’ interests, age and what resources you have available. Head to my FB group to check out my own lists of activities...

  • Breakfast

  • Tidy up, get dressed and free play time.

  • Reading (you to them, them to you).

  • Snack/cuppa.

  • Garden play (make a list of different activities you can do together/set up for them).

  • Maths/English (again, make a list, use what the school has sent, online resources etc).

  • Lunch (get them involved in making and tidying)

  • Walk or other physical activity if the weather is horrendous (make a list eg Cosmic Kids Yoga, dancing to music videos, indoor assault course etc). And join in sometimes.

  • Screen time (make a list, some days it can be their choice but other days yours.) This is your time to chiiiiiiillllll!

  • Art & craft/science (list of ideas).

  • Dinner

  • Free play till bed time.

Even this loose plan needs to be totally flexible, but having something to call on when times get tough will be crucial in keeping everything on an even keel. I’ve tried free styling it, and I’ve tried having everything set in stone. Personally, the above approach works better for me.

NOW while having this loose plan will help save your sanity a bit over the coming weeks, you also need to be including the important things I mentioned above about your own health & happiness. So head to part 2 for your plan.

Do it now, because you're worth it.

Health & Happiness,


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