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Covid chaos; thriving not surviving - Part 2. Put your health & happiness back on the to-do-list

I'm hearing lots of people say, 'I don't like uncertainty. I hate not knowing what's happening. It makes me anxious all this change.' Yep, me too and yet, while the weeks ahead may be uncertain and strange and scary - you can still create some order out of this chaos.

In fact, there is an opportunity here. An opportunity to do things differently, not because you have to, but because you want to. An opportunity to slow down and do less rather than try to fill the void. And an opportunity to put your own health and wellbeing back on the to-do-list. This is now more important than ever.

In part 1 of this post I suggested an itinerary for homeschool days. But just as important is your own itinerary for thriving in, rather than surviving, these crazy Covid times. For those of you, like me, who have work to do at home - some negotiations will have to happen with your partner so you can share the load more. Weakends and evenings will likely have to be the new office hours but that means it's even more important to build the self care element into every single day (like consistent bed/getting up times). Here's what I suggest.

  • Get up before the kids if possible (I know some of you are laughing/crying at this but bear with me) in order to start your day with something that makes you feel gooood - a book and a cuppa, meditation, journalling, exercise – whatever brings you back in to yourself and gives you a sense of peace. Avoid your phone obviously. Oh and if you have work to do (like me), now's a good time for that too, but not every day.

  • Work out. If you haven’t done so already, make time for some exercise daily, even if it’s just a few stretches. You can, of course, do this after breakfast depending on the type of exercise and how much you’ve eaten. But do schedule it for the morning before you've thought of any excuses. (Join us in the FB group from Monday 30th for our 'Five day Focus' workout challenge with daily cores strength and flexibility workouts).

  • Breakfast. Now you’re not rushing out to work & school, you can take your time over this. Make eggs sometimes, pancakes. Talk, laugh, play music. Enjoy the process. Making meal times last a bit longer helps pass the hours in a positive way.

  • (Kids focus time as suggested in previous blog. For working mums especially, get creative and make this as hands free as possible so you can get some work done. Our school are uploading worksheets every week).

  • Lunch. Get kids involved. Picnic in the garden if you can.

  • Walk – you can use the walk for more exercise (take a ball, run races etc) and/or for mindfulness in nature to take your mind off everything else.

  • Kids screen time = your chill time. You may need to catch up on emails and messages but try not to be on your screen this whole time. Read, sleep, knit, jigsaw, write, phone a friend, whatever brings you rest and peace.

  • Kids' focus time (as per part 1). Again, try and set the kids up with something that doesn't need you too much if you're working from home so you can check your emails.

  • Dinner! Get everyone involved in the prep and clean up. Make sure you've batch cooked at the weekend so you don't have to worry about this as well.

  • Free play for kids = chores/work for you. Yep you’ve still got to do the washing and tidy up right?

  • Bedtime for kids = chill time for you. Now you’ve read a book, done some exercise and meditated earlier in the day, you can do whatever the heck you want, except go out and hang around with a bunch of people obviously.

This routine may not work for you. With kids of different ages and different work commitments we all have to find our own way. Just make sure you include some daily movement, time out for yourself, time outdoors and a commitment to eating well and getting to bed at a reasonable hour most of the time.

Of course it’s not going to all go to plan and if getting up before the kids or sitting down in the afternoon with a book are new habits for you, it’ll take time to embed them. Just do what you can, don’t put pressure on yourself for anything, and begin to enjoy this new normal.

Health & Happiness


PS need a bit of inspiration for your workouts or a helping hand to actually make them happen? Then get in touch and lets talk about my online personal training and coaching options.

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