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Shape our Future

group membership

A wellness community for climate-conscious mums

who want to get fitter, get healthier

and start making a difference.

(even if you barely have the energy to tackle the kids' bedtime, let alone climate change)

£39 per month

(with 15% going to Tree Sisters)

Do you sometimes struggle to make time for yourself and the things you care about?

What you get

  • Weekly ZOOM workouts for all fitness levels to help you get stronger and fitter (and maybe even get running or biking again!).

  • A monthly group coaching call to support you in setting sustainable goals and making a plan that works for you.

  • Accountability and support from me and the others in the group to help you stay on track.

  • A monthly Q&A for all your fitness & lifestyle questions (stop Googling, ask me instead). 

  • Support and friendship from an online community of other committed  mums who care about the things you do.



  • Guest expert speakers to answer your questions on sustainable and health issues from fashion to food.

  • Discounts on 1:1 coaching and personal training.

  • Optional challenges to raise funds for environmental charities.

  • Relaxation, meditation and other wellbeing support to help you manage anxiety and find some headspace.

Dandelion Fields
You must take action.
You must do the impossible.
Because giving up is never ever
an option.
Greta Thunberg.

The Shape our Future community will help you;


on the health and planet priorities that matter most to you, from lifestyle changes and habits to campaigning and activism. 


monthly goals to  improve your health and the environment so you can stop wasting time and start making a difference.


more deeply with your family, your local community, and the natural world so you can turn that eco-anxiety into positive action.


and share your ideas, challenges and successes with the other mums in the group and learn from them in return.

A bit about me

Ok full disclosure.

I am not a climate change expert. I don't work for Greenpeace, live in yurt or make my own clothes. I'm just another ordinary mum like you who's watched one too many David Attenborough documentaries to be able to sit back and do nothing.


I've had the privilege to have helped mums lead healthier lives for the past 20 years as a Nurse, Health Visitor, Personal Trainer and Health Coach. 

As mums, I believe that we the have extra-ordinary super power of caring enough about the planet and our kids' future that we will do

whatever it takes to bring about change.

And that starts with you.

"Heather is an inspirational woman who knows all about the physical, mental and emotional demands

that come with motherhood."

"I started doing it for the planet but it has been good for my body now. Planet and body goals."

Laura, Mum of 2.

bike 3.jpg

Is this you?

Do you feel like you should be doing more to help the environment but you’re already overstretched as it is?

Do you find it hard to make time for yourself and your health?

Are you feeling a pang of guilt every time you throw a piece of plastic in the bin or get in your car?

Then imagine this;

> You're feeling fit and well and ready to take on the world because you're prioritising you for a change.

> You wake up every day feeling energised and positive about the world you are creating for your children;

> You contribute and belong to a close knit community of other passionate mums who are making a difference too;

(and in case you're worried about the exercise part, this is basically my approach to fitness)

womens health quote.png


  • How much time do I need to commit to this? That's entirely up to you! The monthly coaching call will be 45-60 minutes and after that, you get to decide how much time you dedicate to your own personal goals.

  • Do I need any special equipment or level of fitness to complete the workouts? No I will give you various options for beginners to advanced and no equipment needed (this is a low waste community after all). PLUS I'm a Core Strength expert so if you have problems with your pelvic floor, low back pain or diastasis, I've got ya'.

  • What if I sign up but decide it's not right for me? Don't worry, you can cancel at any time by logging in to the website with the details you provide at the checkout.  All I ask is that you try and give 2 weeks notice so I can fill your spot.

  • Will I have to join a protest? Absolutely not! this club is about you setting goals and making changes that matter to YOU, whether that be eating less meat, getting confident on your bike or just focusing on your mental wellness. Whatever works for you.

  • Can I bring a friend? PLEASE DO! If you know any other mums who want to make a difference to their health and the planet, send them this link and they can even become your accountability buddy.

  • Where and when do the coaching calls and workouts happen and what happens if I miss one? The coaching calls happen via zoom and everything else is housed in a private Facebook Group. So if you miss anything, it'll all be right there in the group for you to catch up on when you're ready. Classes will happen on a Wednesday evening and a day time (exact day/time tbc).

"Nothing can be that hard really, if it matters"

Kimberley, climate conscious, super busy mum of two.

Still not sure if it's for you?

Use the email address below to ask me anything.

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