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Are you ready to take action towards protecting your health and your planet?

Then you're in the right place.



Hi I’m Heather, mum, cake lover and environmentalist. My many years of working with women on their health and fitness has taught me that we, as mothers, have potential to be flipping awesome catalysts for change in everyone around us.

Which is why I’m here. To help you harness that power and start making personal & planetary health a priority.


* Because we can achieve so much more when we are healthy & happy.

* Because our shared Earth, and every creature in it, needs each of us to step up.

* Because we all want to create the brightest possible future for our children.

And because together, we CAN make a difference

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We can not pour from an empty cup.


So many women want to do more to help the planet but feel frustrated by lack of time, energy or money to make the choices they want to make.

They feel guilty every time they throw a bit of plastic in the bin or get in their car.

They are so snowed under by the day to day that making healthier, greener choices just feels like another thing on the to-do-list. 

It's time to STOP. To take stock, reprioritise and to start building a more sustainable lifestyle both for ourselves, and our planet.

Find out how you can start your journey below.

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PS Did you know that I've partnered with TreeSisters? So by investing in yourself with me, you're also investing in reforesting our future.


Work with me

As a health & lifestyle coach I’m here to help you prioritise and plan for the things that will actually make a positive difference to you, your family and planet Earth.

Do you sometimes feel like;

if you only had space to THINK and breathe, you could get more done?

everything just seems so out of control?

you know you need to make time for yourself but just don't know how?


...if so, explore how I can help you below.


What People Say

Heather is an inspirational woman who knows all about the physical, mental and emotional demands that come with pregnancy and motherhood. I thoroughly recommend her classes. read more 

I felt better from the first week and this gave me the motivation to keep up the exercise between sessions.

I am feeling stronger and more self motivated than I have in years.


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