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5 tips to overcome your fear of fitness classes.

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

I used to dread going to the gym. Actually I still do. That feeling of, 'I don't belong here' and 'Everyone's going to see I'm doing the exercises wrong' and, 'I've no idea what I'm supposed to do with this machine'.

And that's me. A Personal Trainer. A business owner. A seemingly confident woman. Even attending a new fitness class makes me anxious, how about you?

It's essentially a fear of not fitting in, of being noticed and ridiculed. Of being shunned and ostracised and it is a perfectly rational fear. In fact it's one of the five basic human biological fears.

However, it may be 'normal' but if it's stopping you from living a healthier, happier life, well - something has to be done. Here are my top 5 tips to overcome your fear of fitness classes.

  1. Feel the fear and do it anyway - as I have done often enough and as I'm sure have done at times to. To talk yourself into it and realise that it's not that bad, no one laughed at you (they may have looked but they didn't laugh) and the positive vibes you get from the workout are worth the fear. But if that doesn't work and you just end up feeling more like a failure, don't panic try these instead.

  2. Phone a friend. One of my favourite tricks to get me to a new class is to drag a friend along. Exercise is always more fun with a friend anyway and if you do end up falling over or farting in class, you've someone you can laugh it off with.

  3. Work with a Personal Trainer (PT). Having someone explain exactly how to do the moves and do them along with you at home, outdoors or in a studio is a really great way to manage your anxiety. But choose carefully. According to a study by Girls Gone Strong in 2018, 49% of women felt shamed or embarrassed by their PT. If this has happened to you, don't be put off. Most of us are awesome (ask me about my Personal Training for Mums packages).

  4. Find something that you love so much you'd walk over scattered lego to get to a class. Well I may be exaggerating but for me for example, a zumba class, or a kickboxing session at Bristol Combat gym is one not to be missed. What do you love so much, that the buzz you get afterwards is worth a little trepidation when you first walk in the door?

  5. Work out from home. If you're well motivated, making your own home workout plan is ideal! Or make one with me. OR, you join the Core Strength for Mums Class monthly membership. With a weekly live class, monthly Q&A and private facebook group for support, this will tick all the boxes.

OR alternatively, you can carry on as you are. Feeling frustrated with yourself for not doing something that you know will make you feel SO MUCH BETTER!

So, which one will you choose? Comment and let me know.

Wishing you health & happiness,


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