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Which one of these two (fake) reasons do you give for not doing more exercise?

Most women tell me it's lack of time

Or lack of energy.

Or both.

But what you really mean is lack of a plan.

You don't know what workouts you should be doing, or when or how, and you can't even muster the motivation to do them anyway. Because you have no plan and no real reason to do it.

Imagine this...

Instead of endlessly scrolling through YouTube videos trying to find just the right workout that's not too American (sorry Americans), where the trainers are motivating but not too smiley (again, sorry Americans) and the workout itself is just the right level of work that makes you feel like giving a secret American high five to the trainer rather than wanting to punch them in the face ...

You simply have a set workout class, tailor made to your needs!

Imagine this ...

Instead of spending the day talking yourself in and out of heading out to go to that class or the gym tonight ...

You pack the rest of the family off to bed and work out from the comfort of your own lounge then collapse into bed afterwards.

(check out me' ole matey Karen here demonstrating an excellent squat while following me on her ipad)

Imagine this ....

Instead of missing yet another class you've payed for because a kid is sick or the husband is late home from work or you've got dinner with a friend ...

You have access to the recordings of your class for the whole month (where are your excuses now huh?).

Imagine this ...

Instead of googling 'exercises for abs' or 'how to fix my pelvic floor' or simply 'what to do about X pain' ...

You have a regular live Q&A chat with your own Personal Trainer and Health Coach to answer all those niggly questions that even the best search engine just can't help you with.

Now Imagine this....

Instead of feeling pee'd off at yourself for skipping out on your exercise again this week and using TV and nachos to numb the guilty feeling ...

You start feeling stronger and fitter and happier and most of all, darned proud of yourself because you're actually doing it! You are a 'regular exerciser'! And your kids start to see a new way of living life, one with time out for yourself and exercise seen as a treat not a punishment!

Sound good?

Still don't think you have enough time or energy? There's only one way to prove it, what are you waiting for?

Wishing you Health & Happiness,


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